Orphans No More - Podcast

Episode 187 - The Struggle is Real but God Heals

September 30, 2019

You see a photo of a child needing a family. You decide to pray for that child. You realize that God is asking, “Why not YOUR family?” So you step out in faith and bring the child home. After all, you have access to resources and a network of friends and family that will help you help this child with special needs. Just when you had it all figured out, this journey turns out to be harder than you ever thought it would be. Your family and marriage struggle, your adopted child struggles, your village struggles as it isn’t quite prepared for an internationally adopted child with trauma. What do you do when the struggle is real? According to adoptive mom, Lisa Strutz, you “guzzle God’s grace from a garden hose.”

While still very much on this roller coaster adoption journey, Lisa shares her story of struggle and healing in this week’s episode of our Orphans No More podcast. Lisa authored Chapter 9 “Healing Rain” of the book Hope for the Adoption Journey which was co-written by 27 other adoptive and foster moms also sharing their beauty from ashes adoption stories. Join us as we chat with Lisa about trusting God in the struggle as He pours healing rain into us like we pour into our kids.

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