Orphans No More - Podcast

Episode #219 - The Art of Self Care with Adoptive Mom, Tracie Loux

May 4, 2020
Foster and adoptive moms face unique challenge everyday as they pour out and parent children with trauma histories. During this time of national crisis, these challenges are compounded by the need to homeschool children with special needs, sheltering in place, and the stress brought on by the Covid19 shutdown. Now, more than ever, parents must carve out time for some self care.
Join us for Episode #219 as host, Sandra Flach, talks with guest, Tracie Loux. Tracie is an author, artist, teacher and adoptive mom. She recently created the beautiful illustrations for the Second Mother bible study for foster and adoptive moms. 
This episode features discussion about:
-Special Needs Adoption
-Tracie's book for children about tracheostomy, Mattie Breathes
-Tracie's website thehealingbreath.org 
-Self care

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