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Episode #221 - Adoption Miracles in the Midst of Covid19 with Jaime Richardson

May 18, 2020
Just Say Yes and God Does the Rest
Jaime Richardson is mom to 13 children--six from foster care, 1 embryo adoption, 1 domestic, and 5 international special needs adoptions. In January 2020, Jaime and her husband Chris, were in Ukraine to finalize the adoption of 3 children when complications arose. The Richardson's were forced to leave one of the children behind in a hospital. They planned to return for their son in a few weeks, then the worldwide pandemic closed international travel. 
Join host, Sandra Flach, as she talks with Jaime Richardson about foster care, special needs adoption, and how God moved mountains in the midst of the Covid19 crisis. Episode #221 features discussion about:
-Foster Care
-China Adoption
-Ukrainian Adoption
-Special Needs Adoption

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