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Episode #218 - Second Mother - a Bible Study for Adoptive Moms by Jodi Jackson Tucker

April 27, 2020
Did you know there are at least six recorded adoptions throughout the Scriptures? God made adoption a central part of the lives of Moses, Samuel, Esther, Ruth, Jesus, and John. They are the focus of a new Bible study--Second Mother written especially for foster and adoptive moms and authored by the amazing Jodi Jackson Tucker, International Director for Orphan Sunday and Stand Sunday. 
Join us for Episode #218 as host, Sandra Flach, talks with guest, Jodi Jackson Tucker. This episode includes:
-the needs of foster and adoptive moms
-why Jodi wrote Second Mother
-a deep dive into all six lessons in Second Mother
-Adoption in the Bible
-Orphan Sunday
-Stand Sunday
-Second Mother on YouTube
-Purchase the Book HERE
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