Orphans No More - Podcast

Episode 181 - Hope For The Adoption Journey

August 12, 2019

Have you ever thought that you should be rewarded with sunshine and roses for obeying God? That everything should work out for good because you love God and followed his calling? Many adoptive and foster parents can testify that while it all worked out for good in the end, the journey to get there was more like storm clouds and thorns.

Author and adoptive mom, Katherine Piper, shares that she was blind-sided by the challenges she faced after she adopted her special needs daughter from China 5 years ago. Feeling isolated and needing to hear from other moms on the same journey, Katherine searched for a book or resource to help her find hope. When she didn’t find one, she decided to write one. The result, HOPE for the Adoption Journey, which is a compilation of 28 post-adoption stories from moms who have survived the trenches.

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